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Pet Care Dogs Guide on Fleas and Ticks

Pet Care Dogs Guide on Fleas and Ticks

Tackling consistent fleas and ticks is a vital component of any dog owner’s pet care dogs guidebook. Everyone who loves their pet a lot should learn how to deal with these bloodsucking parasites that, if left to colonize its skin, can cause illness.

Tackling Ticks

First and foremost thing to note is that ticks and fleas are not the same things. They are two entirely different kinds of parasites that feed on a dog’s skin blood supply. Ticks are the hardest of all to get rid of because they are not taken care of with consistent grooming and bathing. One can easily see ticks as they are often large, black with eight legs. A pair of tweezers and a steady hand is ample enough to remove them. However, leaving ticks unattended can lead to various diseases and soon they infest the crevices of the house which makes it almost impossible to get keep away from the pets.

In addition to being hard to remove, they are also carriers for many kinds of diseases between dogs, cats and humans. Moreover, dog ticks can just as easily transfer onto humans carrying along with it tapeworm larvae. Another slim possibility with a cat, dog and human ticks is bubonic plaque infection (only in extreme cases). Ticks, therefore, feature on top of fleas in the pet care dogs guidebook.

Tackling Fleas

While fleas are the lesser of the two evils, they are much more viral. A dog can easily catch fleas as they infect humans, cats, dogs and even hogs. Although fleas are usually harmless, they are known to be carriers for tapeworm and bubonic plague along with causing many other illnesses in dogs. Fleas deposit in the deep recesses of a dog’s fur in the form of eggs that drop of prior to hatching within the house leaving larvae that are the most dangerous. All pet care dogs manual talk of preventing larvae formation and eliminating fleas from the dog’s fur is a vital component of everyday dog grooming.

To prevent the onset of fleas from infesting a dog’s skin one can sprinkle derris, fresh pyrethrum powder or local store flea repellents on its fur or bath the dog with water containing any of the items mentioned. This practice should be repeated every 10 days to 2 weeks at a time. In case flea larvae have infected the house premise then a thorough cleansing of the house is required using creosote oil spray or flaked naphthalene powder. A flea cleansed house should not be occupied until 48 hours afterward. To prevent the spread of fleas from the backyard or front lawn, one should keep the grass mowed and sprinkled with nicotine sulfate.

According to most pet care dogs guide, fleas and ticks are commonplace in general households with large lawns and garden areas but these should not be taken lightly as it can become a major pest issue in a few days. Urgent attention is must to ensure a long and healthy life for the dog.

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Breeds of Dogs

There are hundreds of different breeds of dogs, and if you are looking for a dog for your family you will find there are many you can choose from. As you look at the various breeds, keep in mind that just because someone has said some certain breeds of dogs are bad doesn’t make it true. Many dogs get a bad reputation simply due to the way a certain breed was raised and the conditions that the dog was raised in. While many breeds may be known for a short temper or said to be aggressive, doesn’t make it true for all the dogs in the breed.

Bad Reputation

You can probably name a few breeds of dogs that you have heard possess a bad reputation simply due to stories on the news or friends that have said that these animals are bad. An excellent example of this is the Pit Bull. Pit Bulls can be loving, fun, and energetic as well as lazy, laid back, and cuddly. Sadly this particular breed has been dealt a bad hand in life due to the way a handful of people raised them. Keeping this in mind, there are no bad dogs, only bad owners.

Family Breeds

If you are looking for a family dog, there are a few breeds that do come to mind and make excellent family pets. For instance the Pit Bull, Golden Retrievers, Labs, and Huskies come to mind. Each of these breeds are known for being loyal and loving while also being protective of their family members in the case of danger. These are things that you consider before getting a family dog and none of these beautiful and loving breeds will let you down when it comes to the love and affection that they offer you and your family.

Small Dogs

There are some apartments that don’t allow dogs to be over a certain weight or size, and while this is a little crazy, there are some small dogs that will provide you with the adoration you want from a pet. Bull Dogs, Shih Tzu, French Bulldogs, Cocker Spaniels, and even Yorkshire Terriers are amazing dogs that are both smaller and lighter than other breeds. They offer families and individuals a lot of love and affection while sticking to the guidelines of most apartment complexes, making them the perfect choice for apartment dwellers looking for a furry friend.


The best thing for anyone looking for a dog is to research the various breeds of dogs to see what will fit into your family and will suit your ability to properly care for your pet. Some dogs will require a lot more training than others, while some will require a lot more grooming than others. Each breed will be an amazing fit for you and your family, it is just a matter of deciding which one will fit into your family and your family’s lifestyle the best. Having any kind of dog is a responsibility and will fit you perfectly.
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